What is the D option (-D) specified at Java startup?

Publication Date:January 8, 2021

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ClassLoaderLogManager" at Java startup or "-Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli. logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager" in Eclipse.

I would like to explain what happens when you add this "-DXXXXXX".

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  1. What is D option (-D)?
  2. summary

1. What is D option (-D)?

D option (-D) is a Java system property value.

I would like to actually run it to see what happens when I set the system property values.

1-1. What happens if you run it with the -D option (-D)

I would like to run Eclipse with the D option (-D). The specific option is "-Dtest=testoption". Set as shown in the figure below.

Create a simple main class as shown below.

Execution of this main class shows that the value "testoption" is obtained with "test" as the argument as follows.

In other words, setting a system property value at Java startup allows the value to be retrieved from the System class.

3. summary

The D option (-D) at Java startup makes it possible to retrieve values from the System class. It is used when you want to dynamically set different values for different environments.

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