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Publication Date:April 16, 2021

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This is about commands commonly used in WinSCP. I hope this is helpful to see what WinSCP commands can do.

Table of Contents

  1. Frequently used commands
  2. summary

1. Frequently used commands

1-1. open

Connection command. Rather than being used frequently, it is the first command that is always executed in WinSCP commands.

It is executed with "open username:password@IP address".

Many servers will use key authentication to log in, and the privatekey option is required in such cases.

1-2. get

This command is used to retrieve a file.

It can be executed with "get file destination folder".

The delete option can also be used to delete remote files downloaded after transfer.

1-3. put

This command is used to store files.

You can do this by "put put file destination folder".

Like the get command, the delete option can also be used here to delete uploaded files from the local directory after transfer.

1-4. mkdir

Directory creation command.

It can be executed by "mkdir directory name".

1-5. call

This command executes shell commands on the remote side.

It can be executed with the "call command".

This command allows the shell of the remote server to be invoked, so that commands not provided by the WinSCP command can be implemented in the shell of the remote server.

2. summary

We introduced what commands are often used in WinSCP. It is possible to automate WinSCP operations with the commands introduced in this article and others. We have actually made and seen the tool, so please refer to the following pages as well.

How to create an automatic file download and upload tool using the WinSCP command

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.


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